Learning about the importance and implementation of narrative care as a tool to achieve personalized attention.


The training presented aims to use the narratives of the elderly as a tool to critically reflect on professional practice so the latter will become a more human and at the same time more efficient interaction.


. On many occasions, care in social and health services is offered in a depersonalized way, dealing with people as objects on which to intervene, not as people with whom a human relationship is established.

. Reversing this situation and personalizing care is a fundamental requirement to promote service quality and to place the well-being of both professionals and clients at the centre of the caring process.

. Narrative type strategies have proved to be an essential tool to achieve this goal.


The course will follow a participatory methodology in which narratives of older people will be interpreted by the trainer. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences with the elderly, to interpret them in accordance with the concepts appearing in the session.

General goals

. Defining the requirements to offer personalized attention in social and health services.

. Highlighting the contribution of narratives on humanizing treatment and social and health care.

. Identifying narrative competences and strategies applicable to social and health care contexts.


Dr. Feliciano Villar (Psychology)
The importance of the environment and social interaction in the person-centred buildings.

Target professionals


Spots will be limited and the inscriptions will take place through the web page of each professional association, establishing the latter its requirements and quorum.

Sessions places

Each session will be given at the corresponding professional associations.

Professional associations


When narration becomes a process, methodology and tools: How to design training using narrative methodologies.


The training presented aims to provide the tools to disseminate and implement the narrative methodology for the care of the elderly in work centres and teams.


. Design of a training action following a narrative methodology.

. Typology of training in a narrative methodology.

. Teaching methods in a narrative methodology.

. Training assessment.

. Basic skills of a narrative methodologies facilitator: from the genuine curiosity to active listening.


For the development of the sessions some of the typical tools of narrative methodologies will be used. The first two sessions will combine cases with expository dialogical sessions and practical exercises. The last two will incorporate simulation as a methodology so that attendees will be invited to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in a situation as real as possible in their work future facilitators / trainers in narrative methodologies.

General objectives

. Identifying the elements to design a training based on narrative methodologies.

. Learning the most appropriate methods and techniques to apply a methodology based on narratives.

. Acquiring and developing in a practical way the abilities that allow to apply a methodology based on narratives.


Berta Roca Acedo

Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona

Dra. Núria Serrat Antolí
Professor at the University of Barcelona

Department of Didactics and Educational Organization. Faculty of Education


Spots will be limited and inscriptions will take place through the ICE site.

Target professionals

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Faculty of Law University of Barcelona Av. Diagonal, 684 08028 Barcelona.


International Winter Academy


The International Winter Academy aims to be a meeting place for experts from all over Europe, professionals from the different fields in the early stages of training and other successful European projects and initiatives. Regarding content, the first version of the educational product based on narratives developed by the CCentre project will be presented and more specific aspects of narratives linked to health will be discussed.

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28th, 29th and 30th of november


CosmoCaixa Barcelona

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