The project “Towards active aging and citizen-centred well-being” has as its main objective to bring the accumulated knowledge and the advances made in educational and research projects by the University into the specific area of elderly car in Barcelona these recent years. All of this from a knowledge based on evidence, a multidisciplinary perspective and pedagogical innovation that allows reaching all the agents involved in the care of the elderly.

Leader of the initiative
Innovative training for a society of all ages: Ensuring the autonomy of older persons

University of Barcelona

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EIT Health Spain is located at the Barcelona Science Park of the University of Barcelona, an international leader on innovation promotion. Barcelona was awarded the European Capital of Innovation 2014 and hosts 264 biotechnology companies, 27 life sciences research centres, 4 university hospitals, 7 universities offering life sciences degrees and 7 science and technology parks. EIT Health Spain has partners in three regions (Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia) with strong agents in the three areas of the triangle of innovation: research, education and business creation. In addition to the areas in which EIT Health will focus its investments, EIT Health Spain supports research, education and business projects in five key strategic areas: nutrition, fragility and chronic care, social assistance and risk of exclusion, business creation and entrepreneurship, brain and neuroscience.


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GISME is a multidisciplinary group, led by Dr. Javier Tejada and linked to the University of Barcelona, of qualified professionals from the academic world, public institutions and private societies, who work together in the development of scientific models and the dissemination of new knowledge to offer innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Framework Project Partners
CCentre: Towards citizen-centered active ageing and well-being